Walking/Hiking: The OC&E Woods Line State Trail is perfect for walking and hiking.
Paved Section: The trail currently is paved for 8 miles. The trail passes by local shops, parks,
schools and residential areas.
Non Paved Section: Beyond Mp 8.25 (Olene) The trail surface has had the railroad ballast graded off
and then compacted.
Jogging/Running: The OC&E Woods Line State Trail is also suited for joggers.
Bicycling: Since the trail is an old railway the grade is very gentle (2.1%) is the maximum grade). The OC&E is a multi-use trail.
Ride at a safe speed and give an audible warning when passing.
Inline Skating: A perfect way to enjoy the paved section of the trail is inline skating or
Horseback riding: Equestrians are welcome on all sections of the trail.
The first 3.3 miles of trail have a wood chip side path for
horses and joggers.

*The OC&E Woods Line State Trail is owned and operated by
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department*
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